I would never sell my religion, it’s a private thing: Veena Malik


Pakistani star Veena Malik have worked both in Bollywood and Lollywood and we all know this talented actress.

She recently appeared in ‘Times Out With Ahsan Khan’ where she shared about her journey after meeting religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel and much more.

Upon asking about how the journey took you here, Veena Malik told:

I have been working and living my life on my own terms. And, we have to pay the price for it.

She shared how she evolved as a person:

In our society, religion has over powered the culture. If someone thinks that Shalwar Kameez is our religious dress, it’s not right. It’s a cultural thing. Dress is probably the external look of people.

Moreover, she said:

Since, I was a child, I had a very strong connection with the God. I always took breaks while working because I wanted guidance from God. When I met Maulana Tariq Jameel, I decided to change my lifestyle. That was the time, when I started studying Holy Quran. From that time, I’ve studied so many things including Quran Tafseer.

She added:

When you quit showbiz, people think that you’ll teach them religion the other day. It’s not like that. Religion is not a thing of your choice. It’s about education. I’ve read the whole Holy Quran but I don’t have guts to explain any Hadees with that confidence which any religious scholar can explain. I’m still learning.

While concluding, she said:

I decided I would never sell my religion, it’s private. I gonna keep it in my heart.

Watch the interview below:

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