I’m depressed but I’m not crazy or mental: Meera


Recently, the news went viral that Meera is admitted to a mental hospital in America. However, Meera comes up to make things clear regarfing this rumor.

While talking with Something Haute, the actress told that she went for her COVID vaccination in America but fake news went viral of her being admitted in hospital.

Meera said:

Yes, I’m depressed but I’m not crazy or mental.

Highlighting the main reason, she spoke:

I am depressed because I didn’t get any project after the success of Baaji. This is life and it all happens but calling someone mental, spreading such things, and making fun is not right at all.

While talking about her mother, she said:

My mother got worried and confused after this all happened and she needed to be reassured I was okay.

While concluding, she shared:

I signed a Ramazan transmission with PTV which got cancelled last minute and it made me really depressed. But, that does not mean I am mentally disturbed or I have been admitted. Such wrong information made me upset.

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