I’m playing the character of Lal Mai, a witch: Sana Fakhar


The Alif Allah Insaan actress, Sana Fakhar, is going to star in a horror drama serial. Sana herself confirmed this news. The drama serial will be titled as Lal Mai.

Talking about her role in the drama, Sana said:

“I’m playing the character of Lal Mai, a witch. It’s a very unconventional role, not one of those stereotypical ones.”

Moreover, she told:

“The drama has exactly everything as one would expect a horror flick to be. It has suspense, it has horror, and it’s a complete thriller.”

The Ye Dil Aapka Huwa actress and her team are making this drama serial as a short film. They are putting in all their efforts to make it a big success.

Furthermore, she spoke:

“The team – which I call the blockbuster team – behind this serial is treating it like a film project.”

Directed by Khalid Malik, the cast of this drama serial includes Taqi Ahmad and Saleem Mairaj.

The drama will be aired on HUM TV channel and the release date of Lal Mai is yet to be announced.

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