Internet found a striking resemblance between Dr Fazeela Abbasi & Katrina Kaif


People seem to find a new doppelganger alert in Pakistan. they think that Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Dr Fazeela Abbasi looks like Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. There’s such a striking resemblance between both of them that we couldn’t agree more.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Dr Fazeela Abbasi is a well-known actress and a renowned dermatologist. Last night she was spotted at the wedding ceremony of Naimal’s sister Fiza Khawar. Since then, her picture with her brother Hamza Ali Abbasi is winning heart over the resemblance with Katrina Kaif.

Let’s have a look at pictures:

Here’s what we got from our poll:

Check out what the audience has to say:

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