I’ve stopped writing because there’s no place for me in drama industry: Anwar Maqsood


Versatile Pakistani writer, playwright and comedian Anwar Maqsood is away from the drama industry these days. He wrote some famous plays which includes Aangan Terha, Sitara & Mehrun-nisa, Nadan Nadia and much more.

Recently, in a conversation with Urdu News, the writer shared the reasons for not writing the dramas and plays.

He told:

“I have stepped back [from writing] because what is happening on the television in the recent times, there is no place for me.”

However, he added:

“Now that the rating has occupied a decisive place, the directors or producers have been left behind in every respect. The marketing department decides which actors are needed and which are not.”

While talking about the differences in today’s drama serials and dramas written in the past, Anwar spoke:

“In the beginning, Ashfaq Ahmed, Bano Qudsia, Munnu Bhai, Suraya Bijaya wrote the dramas. Noorul Hadi Shah also wrote very good plays and made his place. When Indian dramas paved their way to the Pakistani screens, we thought that they would learn something from our dramas, but on the contrary, our writers started learning from them. It was then that our drama industry began its demise.”

While talking about the flaws in today’s dramas, the writer responded:

“Today, they [playwrights] are writing in a hurry. There is pressure on the writers. What is being written in one play is being repeated in the next. Nowadays, it seems that the playwrights do not have any books in their houses. I request those who are writing the drama, please shun the quarrels and conspiracies of the mother-in-laws.”

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