Jazz brought trust & convenience to the digital world


We all know that Jazz network is spreading its footprints across everywhere in the country and has proved its self to be the No.1 and the best network of Pakistan.

Recently, the company had a huge celebration because of its biggest achievement which is reaching 60 million subscribers and 15.5 million 4G users. And, it’s an immense success we must say! The reason behind this is the best services Jazz provides to its users.

We all know that every 3rd Pakistani is a Jazz user because Jazz is the best network. Also, it’s reliable as mentioned by PTA. You’ll find Jazz everywhere. From distribution to the customer experience, Jazz remains No.1.

When it comes to competition, Jazz is always on top.  Jazz has the confidence of 60+ Million customers, 27.3 Million Data customers and 15.5 Million 4G customers as compared to 15.1 Million 4G customers of Zong, 8.8 Million 4G Customers of Telenor Pakistan.

Jazz is currently serving one out of every three Pakistanis which entails that Jazz is not just a telecom company but a brand digitizing every touchpoint of 60 million+ customers. All in all, our customers have this immense love for the brand because of undoubted and consistent excellency for the past 25 years.

Owing to its 25-year legacy, the largest digital network, Jazz has 60 million+ customers out of which 27.3 million are data and 15.5 million are 4G customers. Whereas the competitors in Data i.e. Zong has 15.1 million and Telenor has 8.8 million customer-base. Zong started off 5.5 years ago and Jazz started 3 years ago and crossed them as the No.1 Data Network, having the fastest growth!

From the fastest network to the fastest internet speed, what else one wants in today’s world?



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