Kinza Hashmi is naive at her peak in Gul O Gulzar

The episode starts off by showing us how Gul misunderstands Gulzar and believes that her best friend, who loves her more than anything in the world, could possibly lie to her for her own gain. Gulzar, feeling helpless and awful about having to lie to Gul about her brother’s engagement, tries several things to make it up to Gul.
She dearly waits for Gul at college and the minute she sees her, she runs to her and starts explaining herself, pleading for her dear and only friend’s forgiveness; a friend she couldn’t stand another day of not talking to.
Gul, however, fails to acknowledge the fact that she herself is playing with Gulzar’s trust and fueled with the unjustified rage of Gulzar being unable to tell her the truth, continues to paint a false and despicable image of Gulzar, far from who she truly is, in front of Adil, the admirer.
Nonetheless, like two peas in a pod, the two best friends eventually get over the short-lived misunderstanding as Gulzar invites Gul to join their family over dinner at her brother’s in-laws’ house. This decision of Gulzar is highly criticized by her brother but she is not someone who will back down from her best friend’s side and defending her at all.
We also witness how Gul cleverly persuades the virtuous Gulzar to sway away from her principles and manipulates her into taking pictures without her dupatta, which makes Gulzar extremely uncomfortable, in order to fulfill Adil’s challenge of getting a picture of Gulzar with the jhumkas he gave. Once again, Gulzar is too naïve to even wonder about the possibly nefarious intentions Gul could have for her.


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