LSA aims to set a benchmark after revealing nominees!


With lots of glitz and glam, LUX Style Awards are back in town this year with some cool and sensible nominations! Oh yes, we, in fact, believe that nominations make sense. This time, they have made new additions and updated a few of them too.

They have updated several categories to reveal the industry’s changing dynamics. Best Actor Film (Critics) & Best Actress Film (Critics); Best Actor TV (Critics) & Best Actress TV (Critics) were added in the Film and TV categories. This is in addition to the Best Actor and Best Actress Film & TV that will as always be decided via Viewer’s Choice. A category for Best Emerging Talent in Television is added to the TV genre in order to acknowledge the efforts of upcoming actors and actresses.

The nomination list is different this time because we can’t see those few old repeated names. This time we can see the “new Year new talent” trend! We are pleased to observe this change that new talented people have been nominated like Hajra Yamin, Zubab Rana, Nabeel Zuberi, Abdullah Siddiqui, Bilal Ali and Mohsin Abbas Haider, etc.

But some actors are not completely happy with the nominations and one of them is singer and actor, Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Here’s what Mohsin shared on social media:

We think that Mohsin shouldn’t be dissatisfied at all. But, do you know the reason behind his words? In a conversation with, Mohsin shared the reason for his disappointment.

Here’s why he felt disappointed:

“it’s a huge disappointment because it is disrespectful if the industry doesn’t appreciate [or neglects] something which garnered monumental appraisal within the audience. My point was to highlight how we achieved our purpose, and that the industry should have strived towards giving it a token of appreciation.”

Moreover, he shared that:

“Even if a tea boy who has contributed to the serial sees the content gaining admiration, he will feel ecstatic. Otherwise, it would only lead to demotivation of the whole team. I have been working in the industry for thirteen years, and I have received multiple nominations and if I haven’t received an award then it doesn’t mean that I have stopped working, or that my work is flawed. It’s not just about the award, it’s about the pain that comes with the neglect and disregarding the content, and that’s what left me disappointed.”

We highly respect Mohsin’s feelings. Everyone loves to be appreciated. On the other hand, we are really happy for him because of his nomination for the song “Na Jaa.”

After Mohsin, here’s what Eman Suleman (nominated for best emerging talent) spoke:

Her Insta caption:

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but this, just, isn’t for me. I’m sorry, even though I shouldn’t have to be. Maybe I’m not. I don’t know. Also, I didn’t even send in my portfolio. I have a very tough time pronouncing the word eye.
What a behuda accent, btw.

Eman is giving up on her nomination because of Ali Zafar. She thinks that an accused harasser shouldn’t be nominated.

Don’t you think it’s an unwise decision to give up the nomination?

We highly praise LSAs for bringing something new and different for us this time. Do you think LSA did justice? Or, is it a better nomination list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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