Meet the Creators that are all the rage on SnackVideo these days


SnackVideo, one of Pakistan’s most popular short-form video platforms, receives thousands of video uploads daily, recording millions of views. These videos range from tutorials to entertainment, comedy, sports, and cooking, to name a few topics.

Nowadays, video content is evolving towards more meaningful and educational content. As a result, SnackVideo has seen a growing interest in videos with tutorials, tips to make everyday life easier, curiosities, or even experiences that have become more viral on the app.

SnackVideo has gathered for you, one of its top 4 content creators, producing some of the most exciting content that is being loved and appreciated by thousands of viewers. Check out their profiles here:

Mr. & Mrs. Ayaz Ali

With more than 700,000 followers, this creator duo has become famous for their meaningful content. They talk about breaking stereotypes and share insights about deeply embedded ideas in our culture.

The crisp and relatable dialogues and their genuineness is captivating and impactful. They discuss the troubles and challenges married couples face while highlighting the value of our loved ones.

Sid Mr. Rapper

Sid is the platform’s star comedy creator. His rib-tickling acts have earned him a massive fan following. Sid’s content is relatable and can make you roll on the floor with laughter. His skits revolve around family drama and relatable everyday situations that often end with a hilarious twist.

He recently appealed to his fellow Snackers and his two million followers to come forward and help the country’s flood victims through donations and relief aid.

Amna Mehmood Official

Amna’s account is the best one to follow if you want to acquire a wealth of knowledge about everything related to health and physical well-being.

She has garnered more than three million followers who religiously watch her content about leading a healthy and happy life.

Live Cricket.10

We love cricket and everything about it. If you are a cricket enthusiast, you should follow the Live Cricket.10 account on SnackVideo. The content is all about cricket and includes videos about memorable moments of our cricket team and game highlights of a new match you might have missed.

The creator lives and breathes cricket and posts about performances by Pakistani cricketers who have made history. All of that has earned him more than 500,000 followers.

The leading social media application, SnackVideo, is a popular platform in Pakistan. The short-form application allows users and content creators to express their creativity in a variety of ways, such as dance, hacks, parodies, and much more. Built-in features such as music, filters, and effects allow users to distinguish their videos from the abundance of content on the platform.

With an active community of over 10 million, the app is user-friendly, catching the attention of a broad audience who can enjoy a diverse range of content. Interaction with the audience is also made easy through the live-stream feature. With its popularity growing every day, users are discovering new ways of getting creative. With SnackVideo, entertainment is always at your fingertips.


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