‘Meherposh’ sets the pace from its very first episode


Meherposh was one of the most widely anticipated drama serials of the season. Produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment that has given us some classic dramas, the new drama also promised to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, misunderstandings, high powered performances with a simple story of love and heartbreak underneath it all. The show’s first episode aired and has already managed to garner a strong response for the show.

The episode gave us an introduction into the lives of the show’s central as well as supporting characters. It shows us Mehru and her loving family who are preparing for her upcoming wedding. Her parents Nusrat and Jahanzaib, who is addressed as Master Sahib because of his profession, are played by Sania Saeed and Rehan Sheikh, respectively. They, along with her sister, share a bittersweet moment as they think about how Mehru won’t be around the house after a few days.

Then there’s Shahjahan, played by Danish Taimoor, Mehru’s neighbor who is head over heels in love with her. He helps her family in any way he can get so that he can see Mehru, even its for just a few seconds. The love and respect that Shahjahan has for Mehru can be seen in his eyes and the way he addresses her. His friends tease him about the unrequited love he has for Mehru and the way he is around her, shy and often dumbstruck. They tell him to confess his feelings for her, but all Shahjahan wants is for Mehru to be happy in her life.

Shahjahan’s mother doesn’t appreciate how he is always running errands and goes back and forth at Mehru’s place. She tells him the people in their neighborhood often tell her what Shahjahan does for others but especially for Mehru’s family. She forbids him to go there anymore to which he says he will after Mehru gets married.

Then there’s Shakeela, a scheming widow who wanted to get her jobless son married to Mehru because of her beauty and her well paying job. She is furious when she finds out Mehru’s family has fixed her marriage with Shakeela’s sister in law, Sakeena’s son Naeem, played by Ali Abbas.

Naeem’s family has been furniture retailers for generations. He describes himself as a ‘difficult to please’ man, and it won’t be easy for his to be wife to meet his ideal standards, someone who has never been close to a guy or has been on any kind of terms with anyone before their marriage. His mother, played by Ismat Zaidi, assures him that Mehru is precisely like that.

Mehru goes for some last-minute shopping with Nusrat. Nusrat goes away to collect a bag that they forgot at a shop. That’s when Shahjahan arrives, who was asked by Master Sahib to go and help them in carrying their shopping. The episode ends when Naeem, who is also out for shopping with his mother, spots Mehru alone with Shahjahan.

Having made quite an impression from its very first episode, Meherposh looks like the drama of the season. It would be aired every Friday at 8 pm on Geo, and we can’t wait to watch how the story would proceed further.


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