Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’s last episode left us all in tears


Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida drama serial ended yesterday with a powerful message and lesson. It left us all heartbroken and in tears while trending no 1 on Youtube.

This last episode showed that everything happened very quickly. Shafaq asks for forgiveness for Shahan and ultimately he accepts her apology.

Ulfat by default lost the custody case of her child Haadi in the court. And, it’s given to Hadi’s father Shahan.

Later on, when Shahan and Shafaq are about to leave for Dubai, Ulfat fells down because of severe pain. She’s admitted to the hospital where Shahan came to see him and cries badly. He expresses his love for Ulfat and takes her home.

Shafaq consoles Ulfat while being concerned about her health. And, says that you should have informed us about cancer.

Stepping on to another important scene, Ulfat gets all ready in a red outfit and sits with Shahan and they express their heart out. They lie down for a while and Ulfat sees Shahan for the last time.

Tears rolling down her eyes, she closes it. Now, she’s gone forever. Shahan smells the air of storm and asks Ulfat to get up. There, he finds out that Ulfat is no more.

The last episode ends with heart touching dialogues when Shahan is at Ulfta’s grave:

“Muhabbat ka ek asul hai, jab yeh dene par ati hai you diloon ke saltanat snoop deti hai; badshahat naseeb kar deti hai. Likan jab yeh he muhabat apne hone ka kiraaj bhi mange you lamhe mein khaak kar deti hai; saans take cheen leti hai. Main bhi muhabbat mein sirf leti rahi, haq samjhti rahi, aur muhabbat ko kabhi samjh he na saki. Aur jab take samjh ai tan tak muhabbat ke saath sath wujood bhi khaak hogaya.”

Literally, these dialogues in Ulfat’s voice were giving us goosebumps:

“Dehka hai main ne is duniya ka rivaaj e ishq; jahan aam se khaas hojate hain phir; khaas se khaak“

Each and every character played its role flawlessly. We wholeheartedly appreciate Sonya Hussyn, Zahid Ahmed, Mansha Pasha and others for winning the hearts of the audience with phenomenal acting.

Watch the last episode below:

What are your views about the last episode? Let us know in the comments below.


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