Mountain Dew Neon Bottle Launch in Karachi


Mountain Dew Unveils Never Before Seen Neon Bottle with an Exhilarating 3D Animation Show; an Action-Packed Night with Live Performances by Rock Bands & Rap Artists

Mountain Dew launched its clutter breaking Neon bottle at an exclusive event which served as a sneak peek specially organized for a select group of media and celebs at Area 51.

The rap duo Adil Omar and Talal along with rockstar Umair Jaswal performed live and got the audience rocking all throughout the evening. The bottle unveiling was done with a spectacular 3D Projection. The event was buzzing with the most happening celebs and fashionistas on the red carpet; bikes, skateboards, graffiti and other entertainment captured the essence of the brand and its daring edgy vibe.

Mountain Dew is a brand you can’t put in a box. It is a brand that instigates originality and refuses to follow – it inspires by leading,” says Maliha Subhani – Po1 Marketing Director at PepsiCo. “More than anything else, Mountain Dew is about blazing a new trail – and this time the trail is Neon,” says Subhani.

The new Dew Neon bottle encapsulates the Dew philosophy perfectly by being a one of a kind bottle. It embodies the true spirit of Dew –transforming life into something more daring and exhilarating – and standing for something unique.

“Fuel your passion with Mountain Dew. Daredevils and thrill seekers, this is for you. Do the Dew, said the very energetic Umair Jaswal- Rock Artist



The launch was attended by a large number of music aficionados, the trendy fashion crowd, enthusiasts of adventure sports and key media. Anoushay Ashraf, Ahsan Khan, Abbas Jaffri and performers Umair Jaswal, Adil Omar and Talal mingled with the high energy audience who clearly enjoyed being a part of the exclusive launch.

“Mountain Dew has been a pioneer for adventure sports in Pakistan, always promoting talent and adventure which I truly appreciate. To more excitement and craziness in the future! All the best MD. And ohhh, the new bottle Neon tocks!” says Anushey Ashraf- Artist/VJ

Anoushe Ashraf and amna_1024x683


From the start to the end, this was a launch that will long be remembered for its individuality and grungy style. The invites were distributed to select media by heavy bikers, rock bands provided nonstop entertainment, the launch area was dotted with offbeat activities and the skateboard giveaways were much sought after and appreciated.


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