‘Music is not completely haram in Islam,’ Hamza Ali Abbasi to Abdullah Qureshi


Singer Abdullah Qureshi was recently on a break for some time. However, recently he took to social media to announce his decision to quit the music industry.

He started:

I have received a ton of messages during this time asking about where I have been. I was on a break, pressed the pause button for a while and took this time to find out who I was, where I am headed and who I want to become.

Moreover, he added:

I want to take a moment to announce my exit from the music industry as I have decided to stop doing music as a full-time profession. I took this decision purely because of religious reasons. I had a great time making music, playing at concerts for thousands of people, getting loved and appreciated, facing controversies, making some wrong decisions, spreading some positivity, making some amazing friends, working with people who were my idols, learning from the best and doing what I loved doing.

We have very little time in this world to improve our afterlife, Qureshi said, sharing how he now thinks that the true purpose of his existence is “bigger than all of this.”

After this, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shared his response to Abdullah Qureshi’s farewell to the music industry for religious reasons.

Hamza said:

May God give u strength & persistence in ur Imaan, ikhlaaq & deeds brother.

While sharing about his discovery, he continued:

Just want to share that music is not completely haram in Islam.

Moreover, he shared the link to the series to watch on Youtube for reference.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.


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