Netizens lashed Nauman Ijaz for questioning Ayesha on opening up about her sexual harassment


Famous actor Nauman Ijaz has gotten criticism for his misogynistic behaviour toward guest Ayesha Omar in his show G Sardar.

The Parizaad actor’s probing of Ayesha over her sexual harassment has enraged fans.

Nauman Ijaz is in showbiz industry since 1988. We have seen him in hit drama serials which includes Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila, O Rangreza, Pinjra, Parizaad and much more.

Recently, Nauman Ijaz invited model, singer and actor Ayesha Omar at his show G Sardar.

While talking with Ayesha, Nauman Ijaz linked to her earlier comment on the “Me Too” campaign and harassment.

Ayesha Omar was uneasy when Nauman stated that she tends to enjoy provoking things like daring shootings and jumping on bandwagons of people speaking up about things that happened in the past.

On this, Ayesha responded:

I didn’t do it because others were doing it. Somethings people do not do just to gain praise but to get self satisfaction.

Naumaan Ijaz advised Ayesha:

One needs to be conscious about the society too.

Ayesha replied:

I try to bring the truth to the people and be authentic.

Naumaan inquired if being honest had benefited her in any way. Ayesha stated that the only thing she gained was inner satisfaction.

Moreover, Ayesha added:

It gives strength and motivation to oppressed women. I got courage when a colleague opened up about it and it was not done to gain attention.

Right after watching the show, netizens can’t stop themselves from schooling Nauman Ijaz for his sexist behavior towards Ayesha Omar.

Here’s how netizens reacted:

Watch the interview below:

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!


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