Nooreh is such an adorable & loving girl: Sadaf Kanwal


Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari are well-known names of the Pakistani showbiz industry. The couple tied the knot in May 2020. They faced massive criticism on their marriage but remained calm and positive.

Recently the couple appeared in Times Out With Ahsan Khan where they talked about different topics. Sadaf exclusively shared about her bond with Nooreh Shahroz.

Sadaf said:

I and Nooreh are like friends, she calls me Sadaf, she is such an adorable and loving girl.

Moreover, she said:

She’s the exact copy of Sherry ( Shahroz Sabzwari) in her acts and looks.

Adding up more, Shahroz spoke that Nooreh has a reserved personality. She is not expressive but she loves a lot.

He told:

Nooreh is going out of the station for 15 days and Sadaf asked her to hug her, she then came and hugged her for 5 minutes and said, are you happy now? So this is the thing about Nooreh that she loves a lot.

Moreover, he revealed:

Nooreh loves to makeup and Sadaf has won her through giving her access to her makeup.

Watch the interview below:

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