“Pakistan is for all,” conveys Anoushay Ashraf


Anoushay Ashraf, the most talented VJ, host, and actress was bashed by people for posting pictures on Instagram with her friends commemorating Pakistan day and Holi concurrently!

Anoushay spreads a strong message that Pakistan is for all. She wore a white T-shirt with “Pakistan” printed on it which was covered with striking colors of Holi. She wished Happy Pakistan Day to all of the Pakistani fellows and also celebrated Holi. Moreover, she mentioned and thanked her fellow Deepak Perwani for arranging the Holi party.

It seems that she really loves to be a part of other’s happiness.

She took it to her Instagram account by writing a big caption along with the beautiful picture. Moreover, she clearly said that she would not be turning off the comments section. Also, she knew that people will pass comments full of hatred and negativity. Plus, she was ready to reply back to back each and every hate comment.

Let’s have a look on her insta caption:

“Wearing my Pakistan Tee on resolution day and enjoying the diversity of my land by celebrating Holi with the Hindu community. PAKISTAN FOR ALL! Except maybe Adnan Sami? #love #holi thank you @deepakperwaniofficial we love you. 5 hate comments! Over 3600 likes. Not bad, Pakistan. Not turning comments section off. And haters, don’t delete your comments and run once you’ve been given a reply. It’s fun. You see what you want to see. I’m not here to make you see otherwise. Am just sharing the love…got no love, step aside and scroll forward. How about Christians calling out the PM of NZ a hypocrite for covering her head and standing in complete solidarity with the Muslim community having the Azaan played on all channels for Friday prayers? We would’ve burned down half our country had such action taken place here but are loving the love from them? LEAD by example. And change happens when we speak. Someone smart once said, “if Muslims around the world need to feel respected and accepted by people of all faiths, they themselves should respect and accept people of all faiths”… am only joining in the festivities, not converting and dancing to the tunes of their ‘religion’….some of you are a joke. Please breathe. Take a shower. Watch some Cartoon Network and get off Instagram owned and run by Jews who you dislike on a daily basis. Relaxxxxxx”


Anoushay made it clear that Holi wasn’t especially a part of the celebrations furthermore it was more of a cultural belief rather than a religious one. We really appreciate Anoushay for putting up a strong message about accepting people from every religion.



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