Pakistani films are getting dumber: Usman Mukhtar


The Pakistani actor, Usman Mukhtar is an uber-talented youngster who made his name in the industry with his phenomenal acting skills. Recently, we are seeing him in drama serial Anaa as Altamish winning hearts of fans. Before that, we saw him in the Pakistani movie “Janaan” and “Parchi”.

In a recent interview, Usman Mukhtar said:

I never realized drama as the biggest market in Pakistan if you want to be recognized as an actor. I had been shying away from the drama for many years and was focusing on films, but unfortunately, at that time, there was no concept of films in Pakistan. The cinema was completely finished. If we used to tell someone we are going to make a film, people used to laugh at us. Then we got a producer and directed a film but couldn’t complete it and it never came out, unfortunately.

Adding more in it, Mukhtar told:

Since my passion was filmmaking, I never thought of doing drama but now I have realized how strong is a television in Pakistan and now I want to do more and more dramas.

He told his break from films is temporary and he’ll definitely make some good film sooner

Moreover, Mukhtar briefed:

I’m still up for filmmaking but the kind of films we want to make require a lot of budgets and unfortunately, it’s not happening, even though we got scripts and ideas.

On talking about the movie ‘Janaan’ and ‘Parchi’, he spoke:

 I got to make good friends like Hania, Bilal, and Armeena. I enjoyed acting and cinematography but I want to make art films.

 Furthermore, he ended:

 I don’t hate commercial films but I hate stupid films and cinema in Pakistan is getting dumber.

We hope that Mukhtar gets success in movies and dramas both. What are your thoughts on Mukhtar’s statement? Let’s know in the comments below!



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