Parents spoil the child’s mental health in protecting their own ego: Irsa Ghazal


Television actress Irsa Ghazal is the renowned actress in Pakistani industry. Her career began with PTV. She is well-known for her dramas Piyaasi and Mirat Ul Uroos.

Irsa recently took part in a interview where she spoke candidly about the effects of divorce, abnormal marriages, separations, and children from shattered homes.

She said:

Divorce has been made taboo by people. I understand that the children get upset when their parents separate, rightly so, but they get even more upset and shattered when they see their parents fighting all their lives.

Moreover, she added:

In our society, what happens is when the parents get separated, if the mother gets the right to keep the children together, so she maintains the mindset of the children against the father or if the child is with the father, he tells him bad things about the mother. Parents spoil the mental health of children in protecting their own egos.

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