Musical Improvisation by Pepsi Battle Of The Bands (Episode 1 Audition)


Battle is back! Hoop loop of smashing fueled by an unexpected musical powerhouse lead by Meesha Shafi, Fawad Khan judging the jounce BoB audition with Farooq Ahmed from Aaroh as a guest judge was most interesting part of the first episode. Judges panel stayed focus and active in search for the best as they have pledged o blaze a trail. With every breath something will pop, something will flop and out of breath who will land on the top. Judges were being honest and were on the upfront without hammering or roasting the talent of the bands. After a sentimental coming or wistful affection for a music period in the past, now it’s time for the twist in Fate!
Judges are in the search of nee blood for our music industry, so to shake things ups for an already established system 15+ talented bands from diverse genres came forward. Each particular band with a green thumb enlightened the grey area of the show. Alluring actress and model Ayesha Omer hosted the show, after all the exciting details she unleashed about the prizes and for sure every band have had become green eye monster for a few seconds. Judges aren’t focusing on their personalities. According to Atif Aslam “This is purely going to be about foresting new talent”. Audience is going to see deep-dyed exegesis as well as occasional sharing of reminiscence. Total eight bands will make it to the battle. If we talk about the style statement Meesha and Ayesha will be going to give us red-hot style dis-closure. All new underdogs of bands will get a new look for each song. Pepsi has given a scintillating plat form for youngsters to show their music talent without any fear of getting in 1st go.


If we check out the rundown of the show. Few amazing voices showed up. Show Led by the strong female vocalist “Naqsh”. Her performance had a deep understanding of rhythm. Other bands like Positive, Pindi boys, Kashmir, Madlock and Bari the band made a crowd puller statements. Last slot was is shared by two bands “Shajr” and “Aura”. Song that were sung by the bands include Sufi rocks, Yaarah by Aaroh, EP’s song Hamesha, Arzoo and influence of an international band Cold-play used by the “Aura band” was a noticeable thing for judges.


You must have selected your favorite bands, there is something we can all agree – the soul anesthetic performance by all bands with such electric mix of sounds and energies has set bright-eyed and brushy-tailed force to reckon with in the coming week


A big round of applause for the judges who are pushing forward the bands for the best results. Someone is looking for original sound whereas someone has ears on strong vocals. Only one episode and we cannot wait to see the upcoming monumental performances. Credit goes to BoB for making everything possible.

Pepsi Battle Of The Bands episode 1 online


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