PSL 8: Fans divided over the new anthem


Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 8’s anthem is officially out by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Asim Azhar, Shae Gill, and Faris Shafi are also listed alongside the anthem’s composer, Abdullah Siddiqui.

In keeping with tradition, the PSL 8 anthem meets all the requirements. The exciting and engrossing video has Asim Azhar showcasing his dance prowess while Shae Gill’s beautiful voice draws us in and gets us moving. This video would not have been complete without Faris Shafi’s rap.

Since the release of anthem, PSL spectators have been active in expressing their thoughts on internet. The anthem received mixed responses from the audience. Both those who enjoyed it and those who didn’t at all.

Here’s what audience have to say:

Regardless of whether or not they appreciated the anthem, a sizable majority of listeners seemed to enjoy Faris Shafi’s contribution to it. One specific song has become very popular because the audiences adored it so much.

Even if people didn’t like the anthem, PSL 8’s excitement will be consistent.

Listen to the PSL 8 anthem:

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.



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