Reasons of why E-commerce Business in Pakistan is not getting a boost


Boost in the Economy and status

Ecommerce has been a very incredible success in the Economy and development in developed countries. In different developed countries, it is touching its peak and boosting. Wherever it is at its peak, the country is said to be very advanced and powerful as it can lead to many other different fields of success. For a country to be prosperous, powerful, and economically stable, it should be strong enough in the E-commerce market that has now been a significant and essential part.

Directly proportional, E-commerce and Technology

As far as technology goes, the importance of e-commerce also increases. If it is successful, every business is a great achievement for its country and its people.

Moreover, there is Ecommerce in the shape of teaching online, Online Shopping, providing different services online. But people are not expressing interest in it. When it comes to the field of Ecommerce, it provides education, food, and much more. It is seen that some electronic businesses are providing education for free, that is a very astounding task.

The Solutions

To find solutions to any issue, the main reasons for downfall should be correctly known. So to get a boost in E-COMMERCE, the problems and reasons would be solved first. So here down below are some reasons that might have been affecting E-Commerce and is it not getting a boost as it should. In Pakistan, it should be highly praised and promoted.  If E-commerce in Pakistan got a boost, it would be satisfying and an excellent achievement for the people of Pakistan. As obvious, this will also make Pakistan’s name prominent and shine more and more.

Three significant reasons why the Ecommerce business is not getting a boost in Pakistan

  • Risk of betrayal.
  • Ecommerce should be easy to steer.
  • Lack of awareness among people about what Ecommerce is.

Risk of betrayal

People may have a gut feeling of risk. This may be a significant reason for their distrust that they are not promoting E-commerce. So what Ecommerce is, they should provide all the information to satisfy the customer. They should provide them with everything to fill their minds so that they do not get fear of loss if they are paying for something. Some people also have an issue that their info would be leaked out. This fear should also vanish from their minds, and E-Commerce should be transparent and trustworthy enough. There should be no betrayal or lies.

Ecommerce should be easy to steer

The Ecommerce website or app through which online business is done should be very prominent, so people should not face any kind of hustle finding the website. People do not want to waste their time. So they want a convenient and fast link to open up and order. As per people’s needs, the website should be prominent enough; furthermore, the features of the websites should be fast and modern that attract people again and again. The website should make sure that no hustle or difficulty in performing any kind of task.

Lack of awareness among people about what Ecommerce is

People may be unaware of what E-commerce is. So they should be provided with full information. The awareness about E-Commerce should be spread, the hard work should be done so that people can get to know about the importance of e-commerce.


The information about E-commerce should be spread within all the countries, whether it is a rural or urban area. Ecommerce can be a blessing. It can do a lot for the people. There are a few ways to boost, improve, and promote. The tasks can become too convenient. The sophisticated lives are being closed to their ends. People should be aware enough about the importance of e-commerce. People must know how technology can boost the status of their country.



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