Review: ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ raises the bar for telefilms


One of the most awaited telefilms ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ premiered on Ary Digital last night. Featuring Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf in the lead roles, it has achieved lots of appreciation from the audience. It’s produced by Mahira Khan and Nina Kashif under the banner of their production house Soul Fry Films.

It’s directed by Adnan Sarwar who has given us great projects including Aakhri Station. This telefilm automatically raised our expectations because the love for the army and country was perfectly visualized.

It’s penned down by Umera Ahmed who has beautifully written famous dramas including Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Shehre Zaat, Maat. Umera never fails to write powerful dialogues in the script which makes us easy to relate to.

The story is based on the real-life journey of the Pakistan Army’s first female Three Star General Nigar Johar. Lieutenant General Nigar is a true symbol of women empowerment. She is given tremendous services in Pakistan Army as a general surgeon since her career started. She overcame personal distresses and societal pressures while breaking all the gender stereotypes for the women of this country. So, this telefilm ‘Aik Hai Nigar’ is a tribute to Gen Nigar.

Mahira Khan’s acting as Gen Nigar Johar has left us wow. The way she moulded herself in this character is tremendous. We think that Mahira was a perfect choice for this role. No one else could have done justice to this role the way Mahira did.

The scene of the telefilm starts with Nigar as a schoolgirl who’s loved by everyone because she’s an all-rounder talented girl. Moving forward, Nigar wants to become an army doctor while making her parents proud.

After getting admission to army medical college, Nigar’s actual journey starts. She works hard day and night to achieve her goals despite many obstacles and hurdles on the way.

She completes her degree with flying colours and the father-mother finds a suitable guy for Nigar’s marriage. Father asks Nigar the qualities she wants in a life partner.

Here comes the entry of Bilal Ashraf as Johar Ali Khan. He’s the one who gets married to the Nigar. Johar Ali Khan also serves the army. We loved how their wedding preparations and every beautiful moment was portrayed full of different emotions.

The chemistry of Nigar and Johar Ali was executed alluringly. They were surely the best onscreen couple. We all need a husband like Johar Ali who supported Nigar in each and every step of his life. Years after years Nigar was getting promotions in her career because of her remarkable performance. During this time, Nigar went through the biggest tragedy of life where she lost her mother, father and two sisters in a car accident. There too, Johar Ali proved himself as the biggest support system for wife Nigar. The way he broke the death news made our eyes teary too.

Our interest and attention were grabbed throughout this telefilm. Mahira and Bilal’s expressions were even enough to make us guess about what’s gonna happen now. We all want someone in our life who motivates and supports us the way Johar Ali always did to Nigar to excel in her career. The last scene where Nigar found about Johar’s cancer was heartwrenching. The way she cried for Johar made us all tear apart. And, the scene of Johar’s death, was directed so beautifully that it hit our souls. We cried every single time the Nigar cried.

Words aren’t enough to praise the acting of Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf in this telefilm. Hats off to the Gen Nigar for being a true inspiration and ideal for all of us.

The things we loved and learned from this telefilm:

1. Commitment at work

We loved how Nigar was honest with her profession and she knew her responsibilities well since she is an army doctor serving the nation.

‘Hum uniform pehne doctor hain.’

2. Father-daughter’s beautiful relation

The scene where Nigar’s father made a discussion regarding marriage was mindblowing. The conversation was meaningful breaking societal stereotypes. Nigar’s father chose a husband for his daughter who would not become a hurdle in her career.

3. Prove yourself because you are no less

Since the start, Nigar never failed to prove herself as an ambitious medical doctor who later on turned into an army general. She bravely welcomed all the challenges and obstacles of life. She’s the real hero who made us realize that we need to overcome the hurdles to move forward. Here’s an inspirational dialogue:

“Koi Tragedy Aisi Nahi Jo Kisi Aur Ke saath Na Huwee Ho, Aur Koi Kaamyabi Aisi Nahi Jo Kisi Aur Ko Na Mili Ho”.

4. Having a loving & supportive husband is a blessing

We see Bilal Ashraf as a role model husband who supported Mahira in every up and down of life. Supporting your wife especially when she’s in force is something on another level. We loved one of his dialogue:

“Tum apne career mein, is hi tarah excel krti rehna. Mei hamesha tumhe support karonga!”

5. Portrayal of strong personality female onscreen

It was a pleasure to see a strong lady who did each and everything as a Gen while breaking all the gender stereotypes. When you are in a profession, you shouldn’t be judged by your gender.

6. Always be honest with your profession no matter what!

It was inspiring to see the dignity, honesty and passion of Gen Nigar. The way she’s loyal towards her profession for serving the country is something we all should learn.

‘Uniform pehn kr baemaani ki koi gunjaish Nahi.’

This two-hour telefilm was full of lessons, motivation, inspiration and much more. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing something big.


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