Rohail Hyatt: Coke Studio Has Got The Legend Back


The legend, the composer and the pioneer of Coke Studio, Rohail Hyyat is all set to come back in Coke Studio this season. We can never forget his amazing hits. His music was a treat and a gift for us to listen.

He is returning back after the gap of five years. After receiving a lot of criticism in Coke Studio Season 11 regarding the songs and artist selection, he is coming back to prove everything off beam!

My Favorite Song Which Is Produced By The Legend Himself:

How Can I Forget Jugni Ji?

Rohail was found delivering the lecture at Harvard University, about how Coke Studio came into being.

When Rohail ended his journey of Coke Studio, people were very upset. Who doesn’t like listening to good music? Generally, we can see that Coke Studio’s music isn’t worth listening to now. In short, they literally started doing different sorts of experiments ever since he left. And now people have started hating Coke Studio’s music.

But but but, wait!!!

Above all, the legend is back. We are damn excited to listen to the best music collection once again in Coke Studio Season 12!!

Likewise, If you’re excited, do let us know in this comments section below!


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