Romeo Weds Heer – Episode 30: Romeo’s Love Gets Tested, and He Fabulously Passes in it


The most attractive couple of the season, Romeo and Heer have been making our Sundays filled with laughter. The on-screen chemistry between Feroze Khan and Sana Javed is far beyond perfect in 7th Sky Entertainment’s Romeo Weds Heer. The drama serial has already reached the climax of the much-awaited wedding, but the story continues showing the marital life of this hilariously cute couple facing new obstacles to tackle in every episode.

He-Ro” enjoyed their honey moon trip, while being watched by both of their families. After getting interfered annoyingly by their funny, yet irritating family members, they finally got back to their own house in search for some privacy. However, yet another test awaited Heer. Romeo’s friend Shanzay came back from abroad to see him and the encounter was hard for Heer to digest.

Heer couldn’t forget the fact that Shanzay was the girl Romeo’s parents wanted him to marry. The arrival of Shanzay was no less than a threat for Heer. She could see Shanzay and Romeo being pointlessly close and frank to each other, ignoring Heer’s presence and status. You know how Heer is, she could be reckless to Shanzay but she chose to warn her silently to stay away from her husband. Heer wouldn’t let anyone come between her and Romeo and after the sequence in the car, Shanzay finally got a silent message from the loving couple that nobody could ever separate them.

Romeo hasn’t changed in his character so far, with his immaturity that we all have come to enjoy. The only difference is that now that he is married to Heer, he behaves like a child in front of her commanding presence. Heer has a complete hold over him and his sweet character clearly shows how much he loves his wife. While driving Shanzay home, he completely forgot her presence in the car, enjoying the lovely romantic song with Heer.

Overall the episode brought a change in story which was interesting. Though the humor has been predictable in each episode, the comical marital life of Romeo and Heer has been making it worth watching each time. The story should however move on to another level, instead of moving back and forth. I don’t think we want to miss this cute couple every weekend, yet we expect a slight change in the storyline. Let us know of your thoughts about this episode of Romeo Weds Heer.


By Asbah Umais


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