Saba Qamar opens up about her life-changing experience


We all are somehow afraid of being cheated or betrayed by our loved ones. But this is the sad truth and reality of our lives. We never know what can happen next. People whom we love the most can ditch us too! If we as a normal human being can get hurt, how can we forget our celebrities? For sure, they also have some experiences in their lives that they don’t want to share with everyone like we don’t want to. Their life is a mystery. Whatever we see on our TV screen is most probably the opposite side of their lives. Although they give us relationship goals, life learning lessons, comedy and many things etc but like us; somehow they also suffered through hardships and breakups etc.

A wrecked heart always needs time and support to heal but away from losing the balance of life, love couldn’t flourish for Saba Qamar. Despite the fact that most stars aim to keep these private matters within themselves, Saba took courage to open up about her breakup which turned into her life-changing experience.


The artist told that she is single since 2011 and her break up was life-changing. She made every possible effort to make things better, but all her efforts went useless. She ultimately switched to Yoga, through this course of time her ex was engaging up into a new relationship and she couldn’t abide another woman substituting her.

The Yoga instructor advised her:

If you really love him then you should be happy for him. This is not loving; this is a form of attachment that is born out of lust and talking to each other so frequently that you becomes addicted to each other. Kids these days are not able to tell between love and attachment and not being able to see that line is turning them into delusional heroes and heroines.

Saba was very lucky that she got the professional help and guidance on the right time which led her to the path of hope. Saba’s case was a bit different.

She further added: 

People have the impression that there’s a cue of suitors waiting to take me away but that isn’t true. I wish it was the case, but that’s painting too rosy a picture of my life. I and my work are part of the same problem and that is why I don’t want my fans to take such characters seriously.

Saba is a self-made modern woman and an inspiration for young girls. Today, she’s a successful and prominent person. She isn’t afraid of anyone and does what she feels right. She has won millions of hearts by entering showbiz on the basis of her exceptional skills.


Saba’s story can be an inspiration for people who went through breakups. It’s easy to say that you can move one, but it’s difficult to implement in one’s life. More power to Saba for sharing such a big experience.

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