Sajjad Ali | Suth Gaana (Coke Studio Season 7 Episode 7 – Mp3/Video/Lyrics)


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Artist: Sajjad Ali
Title: Suth Gaana
Language: Urdu
Produced by: Strings

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Video Song

BTS Video

Song Credits

Guest Musicians:

Tanveer Tafu (Banjo)
Adeel (Acoustic guitar)
Sajid Ali (flute)


Contemporary Pop

Song Info

Few artists have the ability to juxtapose the traditional with the popular quite like Sajjad Ali does. Right from the moment Suth Gaana begins with him showing off his classical roots to the infectious refrains of this humorous song, Sajjad Ali reminds the listeners of the range of both his voice and intellect. Sutth Gaana literally translates into “throw a song in”, and according to Sajjad Ali himself it is a phrase yelled out by cinema audiences when a film reaches a suitable point for a song. Yet this playful message is used to capture a profound message in the lyrics, which exhorts people to persevere at what they do well, even when it gets difficult, because that is the only route to success. The arrangement by the Coke Studio team was calibrated to allow Sajjad Ali’s humour and its inherent gravitas to both come through. The flute accompanies the vocals as a distinctive flourish of bravado, while the banjo serves to provide a sense of wisdom and reflection. Both of these instruments also ensure that the composition retains an element of the conversational, allowing the lyrics to reach out to the audience asking for Sutth Gaana.


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