Sensitivity test with Sensodyne


Food is something one cannot live without. But imagine your teeth don’t support you having your favorite meal how bothersome would it be? Sounds spooky and scary isn’t?

So folks its time not to have spooky attack because Sensodyne toothpaste is your shield towards that spooky attack. Sensodyne toothpaste brought came up with an amazing and fun filled activity through which one can check their tooth sensitivity level in a quick and easy way. We wasn’t sure that it is actually working until we attended a Sensodyne activity in Karachi.


Sensodyne Pakistan carried out this activity throughout in Pakistan by installing their booths in various malls in different cities. People were then invited to have a “chill test” at their booth. Either by having ice-lolly or icy water people had their sensitivity test. Friendly and cooperative representatives at the booth then narrate people about the measure that how Sensodyne could help them to make their sensitivity vanish in short time.

Dentist always recommend people and their patients to use Sensodyne especially those who have sensitive teeth. This toothpaste not only help people to get rid of sensitivity also help them to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Never compromise on your health as the saying goes “Health is Wealth”. Always brush your teeth twice a day to get rid of all tooth problems thus you can enjoy every meal of your life. Stay healthy, Stay protected!


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