Sherdil trailer: A major tribute to Pakistan Air Force


The trailer of film “SherDil” with actor Mikaal Zulfiqar playing a role of the fighter pilot is released on an ideal time when Indo-Pak border tensions were on hype and it was being discussed everywhere.

The film follows the journey of Mikaal who wants to become a fighter pilot and goes on to how excitedly he announces getting enlisted to Air-Force to when a loved one asks him to quit the force to when he’s locked in a fierce fight with the enemy.

The scene opens up with two PAF fighter planes zooming through the sky to track down three enemies that have entered the country’s territory.

It also features an Indian pilot named Arun Veerani, played by Hassan Niazi, at an international flying school in the UAE. Subsequent the rule set by Bollywood, songs and dance sequences too find their place in the trailer video.

Amusingly, the video also shows about ‘surgical strikes’ and how the ‘enemy’ of Pakistan has never been able to do it till now.

Mikaal has done his first major role in a Pakistani film and Armeena Khan stars as his love in the film. Whereas earlier promotions showed her in fighter pilot costume too, the trailer doesn’t make it clear if she’s in the air force with him or not.

The film is produced by ARY Films, which pays tribute to Pakistan Air-Force will hit the cinema screens on 22nd March. Besides Mikaal, it also features Armeena Khan, Sabeeka Imam and Hassan Niazi in crucial roles.

Here’s the trailer:

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