Showing affection towards Iqra takes Yasir to the next level of criticism


Actor Yasir Hussain who is always on the news one after another on different topics is now making waves on social media after proposing Iqra Aziz during the Lux Style Awards (LSA).

The couple was frequently seen posting their pictures and stories on social media accounts showing love and affection for each other. However, they also posted a love note on their Instagram account last Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, everything opened up officially during Lux Style Awards and they’re finally engaged now.

It all happened dramatically when Yasir Hussain unexpectedly came down leaving his hosting to express his feelings for Iqra.

He bowed down on his knees to propose Iqra Aziz in front of the entire public who was present in Lux Style Awards.

The video of Yasir and Iqra’s proposal is being viral on the internet

Hussain also offered her an engagement ring which she accepted. Moreover, she was totally surprised. This was followed by Yasir Hussain closely kissing Iqra.

Here’s how Iqra Aziz reacted

Apart from everything, fans are showing disappointment towards Yasir Hussain kissing Iqra Aziz in public. They think that it’s against our ethical and cultural values.

Here’s how people are bashing the couple

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