Stunning Dance Performances From Raza Moosavee’s Wedding Which Can Make You Move As Well!


As we all are aware of this breaking news that ARY’s Vice President Raza Moosavee got hitched with Ramsha Kohati and the news is flooded over social media. Almost every Pakistani celebrity attended the function.

Did you remember our social media flooded with dance practice? So finally the stars performed their thrilling dance and videos are going viral. I have to admit this fact. And tell you all too that they all are did a great job! Let’s have a look at the brilliant dance performances below!

Hira Mani and Yasir Hussain:

Now, this is the perfect dance we must say!

Aagha Ali and Ali Safina:

These boys are great dancers!

RJ Dino Ali:

We never knew that he’s an amazing dancer too!

Hira Tareen, Zara Tareen, Parmesh Adiwal & Ghana Ali:

These four are rocking on the floor!

Sisters Hira & Zara Tareen:

The sisters are burning the dance floor while doing the item number from “Teefa In Trouble”.

Ali Safina and Hira Tareen:

WOW! What a stunning dance!


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