“Suffernama”: A romantic comedy web-series


Imagine Nation Pictures (IN) is a joint venture by four filmmakers namely Sami Rehman (of Bekaar Films fame), Ghania Asad, Rida Zahra, and Sidrah Jamil. IN was formed in the hopes of further exploring the web-series market in Pakistan and later dabbling into films and other media. IN’s goal is to present a range of different genres and exciting content that would inspire the Pakistani youth.

When the world came to a halt at the beginning of 2020, life, as we know it changed for good. Whether it was the way we greeted each other without shaking hands or maintaining a safe distance of several feet when out in public, nothing was the same. One other major thing that changed was how we used to travel. The team behind Imagine Nation Pictures decided to narrate how life after the pandemic had changed for travellers and what could possibly happen if things went sour while we were away from the comfort of our homes.

“Suffernama” revolves around a young woman named Nazia, who travels abroad during the pandemic for the very first time but due to unforeseen circumstances, gets stuck in a country where she knows no one. It’s here where she meets Faizan, a Pakistani tour guide who then reluctantly helps her get back home. While simply trying to help a fellow Pakistani, Faizan unwillingly gets entangled with Nazia’s overly curious family, and needless to say, things get hilariously messy. This is Imagine Nation Pictures third web series and is set to premiere on the 28th of January 2022 on Youtube.

Suffernama is a romantic comedy that consists of a total of 4 episodes, with each episode to be released every Friday respectively. This is also the first time team IN has worked with director Wajid Raza and writer Asher Naeem for the project. Most of the series is shot in Turkey and the remaining was shot in Karachi.

IN has launched the marketing campaign for the series which consists of three posters, a music video, and the trailer. The main posters revealed the lead cast of the series (Sami Rehman and Rida Zahra) in entirely new get-ups This is also the first time IN has released a music video as part of their marketing campaign.

IN released the official trailer on the 21st of January 2022 exclusively on Imagine Nation Picture’s YouTube channel. Apart from the main cast, it showed a variety of new faces along with some well-known ones (Ismat Zaidi) and seems to blend comedy well into the mix.

Watch the trailer below:


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