Super Bus An Amusement Park on the go


Fun is what makes the world go round. Without fun, people would lose their marbles real quick. When it comes to the people of Karachi, fun is almost as important as food and water. However, Karachi is just a big city full of lights and less quality entertainment for its people.

There are multiple amusement and theme parks around Karachi that Karachiites are familiar with. Some of these include Super Space Karachi, Bounce Ocean Mall, BattlestationOcean Mall, Sindbad Dolmen Mall, and Aladin Amusement Park. Plus, there is a recreational family membership club with groundbreaking facilities for the whole family to enjoy.

But there’s one problem; not all people have the time out of their busy lifestyles to make it to these theme parks and amusement parks. So, what’s the solution for the forgotten fun-seekers?

Strap up, because Super Bus is coming

Pavilion End Club and its curators have managed to invent a funky solution to these problems and its called Super Bus. Super Bus brings fun on wheels to those who can’t seem to travel to fun or make time out of their stringent routines to have some fun in their lives. Super Bus brings the theme park experience on the go. According to the people at Pavilion End Club, this will be a game-changer

What’s inside of Super Bus?

Super Bus brings the amusement park experience to you.  Super Bus features all of your favorite rides and games packed into a funky bus experience here. Here is all the cool stuff Super Bus comes with:


An awesome immersive and interactive games that can be played simply by putting on the VR headset.


An excellent game for bathroom singers. Simply become the superstar you always wanted to be by grabbing on the microphone and singing your heart out in the amazing Karaoke booth

Laser Maze

Can you escape the frenzy? In Super Bus laser maze arena, the one who’s agile and got the moves will be able to make it to the other end of the bus or else they’ll have to try again

Where to get the Super Bus experience?

We have received exciting news that Super Bus will be having a grand launch party on 30th November inside of Pavilion End Club where the public will be able to see and enjoy the Super Bus rides and games up close and personal. Sounds dope, right? If you think that’s all, there will also be famous vloggers and celebrities that will make the launch party lit, so it’s something that you don’t want to miss.  We’ll be there with our team to get the most out of the event.

How Can I Book Super Bus?

Super Bus was invented by the people at Pavilion End Club to offer entertainment to people stuck in their strict office, college, schools and university routines. To inquire more about bookings and rentals, we recommend that you check out their official Facebook page.

Do you think Super Bus is the new real deal? Let us know in the comments.


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