The Best Savory Dishes Coming to Karachi Eat ‘20


Karachi Eat Festival is a haven of outrageous but delicious food. New eateries use this opportunity to showcase what their kitchens can come up with,  while older establishments try to innovate traditional foods that Pakistani’s have come to love. This year, we wanted to highlight the best and most inventive savoury items we can’t wait to try at Karachi’s most anticipated food event!

1. Check Out The Cheese – Chicken Cheese Pockets

Who doesn’t love a good cheese ooze? Check Out The Cheese is bringing to KEF chicken and cheese pockets. An explosion of flavour, and a cheese middle? I’ll take 2, please. Check them out at Stall #107

2. Sweet Greens – Red Chilli Tacos

The Red Chilli Taco not only looks fiery but is claiming to taste fiery too! The beetroot in the tortilla gives it that signature red colour, topped with veggies and a tangy sauce. Stall #65 is definitely one to check out!

3. Hobnob Bakery – Gourmet Patties

Making a bang with cronuts and eclairs last year, the bakery has now innovated savoury dishes which will make their debut at KEF 2020. The gourmet patties are a twist on the traditional, humble chicken patty and come in a range of flavours. From sour cream & onion to Asian glaze to beef with tomato salsa to even a pizza-shaped one – Stall #A2 sounds like a pastry and bakery lovers dream!

4. Chipseez – Signature Box

Creating slightly healthier variants of potato chips such as the beetroot and sweet potato chips along with the original potato, with a variety of sauces and dips. This portable chip n dip box is perfect for the busy crowds at Karachi Eat, find them at Stall #5!

5. Clucky’s– Waffle with Clucky bites

Waffle cones seem to be the craze that hasn’t died down yet, and Clucky’s is cashing in on that opportunity. Although this item is available on their menu, it will be interesting to try the Dynamite sauce coated bites in a sugary waffle cone. Will it work, or is it just another way to make food portable for customers? Only time will tell what Stall #46 has in store for us!

6. Khichdi Express – The Khichdi Thaal

A platter made for sharing, the Khichdi Thaal comes with papad, salad and chutney along with their signature Khichdi. Served with enough sides to complete a whole meal, this platter is for the families and groups of friends who want their desi fix. Find them at Stall #96

7. Portside – Stuffed Prawns

Seafood has taken an unconventional twist with Portside. The stuffed prawns with Siracha sauce, accompanied with Haryaali and Imli Chutney seems to be any fish fanatic’s fusion dreams coming to real-life at Stall #81

8. Burmese Bowls – KaoSaMosa

Taking a twist on the traditional samosa, Burmese Bowls introduces the KhaoSaMosa! A homemade aloo samosa topped with 7 Khaousay condiments served with authentic coconut curry. The eatery also claims to offer deliciously authentic Burmese food, so you can look forward to some fresh and spicyKhaousay as well too. Get it all at stall #34


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