‘The most difficult thing in Pakistan is to make a film’, Hareem Farooq


Heer Maan Ja star, Hareem Farooq is someone we all know very well. Although she hasn’t been here long in the industry, still she made her name with her outstanding work. She has always been passionate about film making and her last film was ‘Heer Maan Ja’.

In a recent interview with PAK5 News, Hareem shared her perspective on different topics which also included producing films in Pakistan.

Being an actor and a producer in a few films like Jaanan, Parchi and Heer Maan Ja, Hareem shared her views on the rejuvenation of the Pakistani film industry. Also, she shared the challenges she faced as a film producer.

She spoke:

The most difficult thing that you have to do in Pakistan is making a film, we have a lack of resources, we are out of the experience as far as films are concerned. You have to start everything from scratch.

While shedding light on facing problematic male attitude and patriarchy when making films in Pakistan, she shared:

“I don’t consider patriarchy, I don’t consider gender. I don’t care if a man is sitting in front of a woman sitting in front of me. Be it a man or a woman, let’s talk business, let’s talk work. It’s like don’t give me that gender thing… I am not here to gossip with you, I am not here to hang out with you, I am here to work.”


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