The mystery behind the trending movement, #WhatTheDaagh finally gets resolved!


To keep up with the mysterious year, a stain took over the media, leaving everyone startled as their TV screens started acting peculiar. The inexplicable stain was spotted on some entertainment and news channels, and then on Instagram feeds leaving viewers confused.

On reaching its peak, the #DaaghonKaChampion, Surf Excel entered as our saviour, being able to get rid of the unwanted stains like these, in just one go! Videos of newscasters and TV hosts were uploaded on Instagram, where they tried removing the stubborn stains not allowing them to continue with their segment. After failure of multiple removal attempts, they called out for a ‘champion’ where the familiar Surf Excel branded tornado took over the screen, eradicating all stains in one go. Their reveal followed the new TVC of Surf Excel, which closed the mystery of the daagh informing us of how Surf Excel is the Daaghon Ka Champion.

The hashtag #WhatTheDaagh went viral social media even started to trend on Twitter. Celebrities including Momal Sheikh, Sunita Marshall, Ayeza Khan and Kinza Hashmi’s screens were taken over by the “Daagh” as it hijacked their Instagram videos, with comments pouring in with questions regarding the stain.


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The mystery behind the trending movement, #WhatTheDaagh finally gets resolved!

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The new Surf Excel has a new stain lifter technology which can now help its users get rid of 100 hour old stains, highlighting itself as the #DaaghonKaChampion! #SurfExcel


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