The standard of our drama content has been lowered: Shabbir Jan


Shabbir Jan is one of the well know name of Pakistani entertainment industry. He’s famous since PTV channel’s drama serials aired.

He recently appeared in a podcast where he talked about the content shown in drama serials these days.

Upon asking about the standard of drama serials these days, he shared:

I’m not satisfied with the current content shown. Moreover, everyone is stuck with their TRPs and channel ratings. I don’t understand what the writers and producers are giving to the audience.

Moreover, he added:

Today’s drama serials only revolve around saas-bahu, violence, and divorce. The morning show’s content is intolerable and the bar has been lowered. People wake up in the morning, come to the show, and start dancing.

Watch the podcast:

What are your thoughts about the dramas shown ion television these days? Let us know in the comments below!


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