Trailer Review: Laal Kabootar depicts harsh reality of Karachi


A few months back, the teaser of Laal Kabootar was released and it made us envision about the film and characters etc. We couldn’t stop for the releasing of the official trailer. Although, at this time the entire wait is ended and finally the most awaited trailer of Laal Kabootar has released on 18 February 2019. Likewise, we can’t stop ourselves from splitting the film review with you people.

The trailer starts with a panorama where Ahmed Ali Akbar is facing the urban streetology of the Karachi city while having a lot of bits and pieces running in mind. In between his shot of daily moiling, we see him as a street criminal too. And then comes the superb Mansha Pasha, who has no direct link with Ahmed but is involved in various issues which need to be solved by police which doesn’t get full consequences. She turns to Ahmed for something which isn’t defined in the trailer. In the pandemonium and turmoil of the modern Karachi city, the filmmaker depicts the variety of violence etc.

In the film, Ahmed steps forward with a very strong and powerful character. It seems that the character is totally made for him and he did remarkable acting. Mansha is no less. By seeing her acting skills, we can truly imagine how she has put her soul in it while displaying the performance.

We need to accept a very good fact that this film shows Karachi’s visual description of illicit violent behavior, with the bad police etc.

Jibran Nasir praising:

Here’s the trailer! Censored/Cinema Version

For Mature Audiences Only

One thing which hits our mind is what will this film be able to make us feel and accept the reality? We are damn excited to watch this movie and it will be released on 22nd March 2019. What are your thoughts on it? Do let us know in the comments below!


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