Tv One Ramazan OST by Shafqat Amanat Ali featuring Sahir Lodhi


TVOne Global launched Ramazan transmission OST featuring the most popular anchor, host and celebrity Sahir Lodhi.

The viewers will observe TvOne ‘s special Ramazan transmission entitled “Ishq Ramazan” in the Holy month of Ramazan during Sehar and Iftar.

The OST was shot over four days at the eminent locations across Karachi. The story of the OST reflects our restless life chasing career goals and between that we tend to ignore our relationships mostly importantly our own family. The story crafted around  Sahir Lodhi represents his competencies along with the emotions he grips for his family and common people. The transformation of Sahir Lodhi from an achiever  to someone who brings joy in everybody’s life will give you goose bumps.

The heartfelt OST covers Qaseeda Burda Shareef which is recited by the pride of Pakistan Shafqat Amanat Ali, directed by Rizwan Ahmad Malik and majestically written by Khalilullah Farooqi in urdu and Imam Al-Busiri in Arabic. OST is available for the viewers on our official TvOne website as well on our social media.

The aim of Ishq Ramazan transmission is to perceive our duties towards Allah and fellow beings with great care and to support the aim of Ishq Ramazan the soulful OST enlightens the message in a somber, subtle way.

“Allah ki Raza Bas Bandon Say Pyaar Main Hai”

The OST will expectantly be tugging at  heartstrings of both the reverent audiences as well as the moderately religious ones.

Sahir Lodhi: I am delighted to be the part of TvOne‘s significant iftar transmission and my character in the OST reflects the emotions of a person who adopts his work over family but the trauma which hit me in the story transformed into a loving and caring individual which brilliantly depicts the message of Ishq Ramazan.”


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