Twitter bashes Mawra Hocane for ‘normalizing’ public harassment


An old video of Mawra Hocane, along with Kubra Khan and Humayun Saeed, from Nida Yasir’s morning show, resurfaced on social media like a fire. The clip shows Mawra Hocane glorifying public harassment and twitteraties are bashing her for speaking out inconsiderately.

While asking Hocane, if she has been “teased” by anyone? She responded:

“I think that’s just Lahore’s fun, boys tease you with music roaring from their cars. I think that’s just the feel of Lahori Eid. So we don’t mind. It’s okay, keep looking at us”.

Then, Nida questioned:

Would you mind if someone cat-called you now?

Mawra replied:

No, I wouldn’t mind.

Twitteraties are unable to grasp the perception of Mawra regarding public harassment. Many of them are shocked by her statements after getting to know that she’s a barrister. They are unhappy with Mawra.

Heres how theyre bashing Mawra for normalizing harassment culture:


What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.


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