Veena Malik slammed Wajih Sani with a furious reply


The recent tweets of two high-flying TV persons are flaming all around social media. One cannot look ahead to such a turn down from a news anchor Wajih Sani. Recently, Mian Javed Latif, the member of the political party used Veena Malik’s name in his tweets.

Mian Javed Latif’s tweet:

The political state of affairs must not be explained with the context of dirty/dark humor.

Here’s what the Geo News anchor, Wajih Sani said:


Wajih Sani also tweeted on the name of Veena Malik. And, it really seems that the level of journalism goes down with time in Pakistan.

You have to give respect in any way whether you earn the women’s respect. That is inbuilt in an educated society. Veena Malik is in the news for a very different reason this time.

However, Veena Malik slammed Wajih Sani with a furious reply.

Here’s how Veena Malik responded:


Let’s see how people retorted:

In conversation with Veena Malik, she said that there’s a limit to everything. When a media person criticizes you, it feels that you’re morally declined but sadly, you need to reply to them in their own language. If you pay them respect, they don’t understand it.

The reply of Veena Malik on such a low-grade tweet was her fuming reaction. The reaction was harsh indeed however when you question the character of a woman, she behaves like a tigress.

What are your thoughts on it? Let’s know in the comments below!


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