Veet Academy is a Radical platform that helps an average looking girl to accept her beauty and helps her to fight against the norms of the society to make her dreams come true. Their aim is to groom every girl so that she can stand out in the society with full confidence. They provide platform where 5 celebrities that are bread and butter of credence, allure, intelligence and a healthy lifestyle. Those celebrities also help to improve their communication skills. Veet Academy’s target audience is college and universities girls, also they promote their mission through their show called Miss Veet Pakistan and through their Facebook page.


Sarwat Gillani, iconic Pakistani celebrity, her aim is to fire up the inner confidence, self-satisfaction and communication skills among those girls. With her help girls will be able to discover better version of themselves. Self-esteem and self-worth are golden keys for personality, she will help those girls to unlock their personalities with those golden keys.


Masarrat Misbah a luminary of the beauty world will teach these girls how important grooming is. Her Scopo is “When you look beautiful, you will feel confident”. She will tell them about skin care, hair care. Oral hygiene and how to take proper care for your attire. With her tips girls would be able to understand fashion sense that will help them to groom themselves in a better way and also will help to embrace their personal style.


Aamina Sheikh, a living legend of Pakistan Television/Film industry known for her extra-ordinary personality and iconic looks. Her journey in Veet Academy is of growth and inspiration. Her aim is to teach these girls importance of intelligence behavior. Through her course journey girls will learn business culture, entrepreneurship, leadership skills and negotiation skills. Her course will enable girls to become strong independent women that will help them to survive in the walk of their life.


Sidra Iqbal is a development and a corporate trainer. Her course is a blend of effective communication skills that will help these girls to shape their life in a professional manner. Everything is hard before it becomes easy, this course may not seem a piece of cake but practice will make them perfect. Her course will make them learn presentation skills as well as interview skills more effectively, which will help them to make a standout guise in their profession.


Hareem Farooq, gorgeous and talented Television/Film actress. Her Scopo is how to live a healthy life. Her journey is not only about losing weight but also about healthy food that will help you to maintain energy, help to reduce stress and food that is beneficial for immune system. Her course will give you tips to make your body look perfect! Girls will meet experts that will guide them about exercise and much more. Her journey in Veet Academy is all about goals for healthy lifestyle.


These extra-ordinary strapping women will definitely give their best and surely we will see some great talent coming our way! Wishing Best of luck to Veet Academy!


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