We are judged by people everyday: Sana Fakhar


Sana Fakhar is a well-known Pakistani film and television actress who has appeared in a number of films. Now, we are seeing her in hit drama serials as well.

Alif Allah or Insaan, Babban Khala ki Baityan ORangreza, Sawab, and Qayamat are some of her best known dramas. She also made news when she lost weight, and people adore her exercise routine and amazing change.

The star recently appeared for an interview with BBC where she discussed about the bold dressing.

The actress said:

“We are always judged by our dressing. I wear what I want to and I don’t care about anyone.”

Telling about people’s diplomacy on dressing, she continued:

“People will always judge actresses, my skirt pictures went viral people trolled me alot for my bold dressing but I wore it because I felt happy. I was delighted wearing those clothes, people said me bad things at that time but when I posted pictures with dupatta on Friday, they said, ‘mashaAllah, Alhamdulillah, looking nice.”

While ending up, she uttered:

“Well, it’s not about looking sexy it’s about being you and being original.”

Watch the interview below:

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