What Imran Khan said about women clothes wasn’t wrong in my opinion: Hamza


The handsome and charming Hamza Ali Abbasi is the well-known person of our Pakistani Industry. The star started his spiritual journey and announced to write a book on God.

Recently, he appeared in an interview with “In-Person On 23” where he discussed different topics.

When the host asked about his opinion on Imran Khan’s statement regarding women clothes, he spoke:

“According to Quran and sunnah, there are separate orders for woman and men. A man is ordered to mind his own business regardless of what is going on around him. He has to give an account of his doings.”

PM Imran Khan recently made a statement where he said that if a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on men unless they are robots. A huge debate was made on this on social media.

While telling about his own opinion on this topic, he added:

“As far as my own self is concerned, whatever a woman is wearing or whatever she’s doing is not a variable in my judgement. The same goes for a woman, she has to give an account of her doings regardless of the fact what men are doing in the surroundings. Everyone has to give an account of their own actions and intentions.”

Shedding light on PM Imran Khan’s statement, Hamza explained:

“If we see the context of what Khan Sahab said, I gave him the point. He is in a way right. We aren’t that society where the outlets to release such desires are available. For example, nightclubs, red-light districts, strip clubs. We are not in that society where open dating and sexual relationships are accepted. So, in a way his statement is right that there are no outlets.

Furthermore, he said:

“If you keep feeding them with this stuff, it will build their frustration without having any outlets. Not that having outlets is a good thing, but he’s right in this context.”

However, sharing his opinion, he stated:

“I’m not defending Khan Sahab. The implications don’t mean that men make such excuses for their acts while pointing out what women are wearing, and saying that we don’t have such outlets so we will harras and rape. Such acts of men are not at all acceptable. They will have to bear severe punishment for all this.”

Watch the interview:

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