“Yaariyan”was a well-planned Drama that left a Great Impact


With another great story reaching its climax, “Yaariyan” had our weekends sorted. A story about love, friendship, and jealousy that centers around 2 sisters played by Ayeza Khan as “Zobia” and Momal Sheikh as “Sadia”. Their love interests are played by Muneeb Butt as “Umair” and Junaid Khan as “Ahmer”.

Throughout the drama, there have been many twists and turns which kept the viewers clinging onto the suspense as to what will happen next. Zobia and Umair were both equally in love with each other and Sadia and Ahmer were awaiting their rukhsati. But Zobia’s lies cause a break up between Sadia and Ahmer, forcing Sadia to marry Umair. In a twist of events, Zobia also gets married to Ahmer and this is where the intensity of suspense increases.

With its brilliant storyline that had the audience’s hooked right from the beginning, Yaariyan has been a fan favorite. The unique storyline had been conceptualized by the brilliant Abdullah Kadwani, and it sure left us on the edge of our seats with every episode. Throughout the drama, there had not been a single time the episode didn’t left the audience curious as to what will happen next- what would be the next twist in the story?

Abdullah Kadwani managed to once again bring a unique concept that centered around a topic that had never been touched on before. Along with Geo TV, 7th Sky Entertainment has been bringing us back to back blockbusters that make an everlasting impact on the audience. Their names in the television industry are associated with many great dramas that are still remembered as the best of the era. With the end of Yaariyan, the drama has also taken the place in this list because of its fascinating storyline and a brilliant ending.

With the highest TRP on every episode, and a chart-topper on YouTube and our television screens, the drama has been one of the most successful ones this year. The episodes uploaded on YouTube have received more than a million views which speaks for the love it has received from the audience.

One reason the drama has ended so well is that it ended on a beautiful message of love and forgiveness. When there is love, sometimes forgiveness is the answer to everything. Abdullah Kadwani’s concept of capturing the virtue of forgiveness and the power of patience in the drama is truly mesmerizing. Even though Sadia went through hell and back because of Zobia and suffered constant torture from Umair, she still forgave her sister and chose to forgive Umair. Even Ahmer took the path of forgiveness towards Zobia and gave her another chance.

The message of forgiveness worked wonders for a great drama, as the viewers got to see a beautiful happy ending despite all the ups and downs.

This is exactly what Abdullah Kadwani and his 7th Sky Entertainment production house have aimed to produce over the past few years. Working along with GEO TV, they have given some of the best dramas that not only entertain us, but they leave us with something to think about and something to hold on to. The narrative-based stories that end on a good moral note are worth watching and play a big role in teaching the audience something through the means of entertainment.


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