Yumna Zaidi is kind & she appreciates everyone: Komail Anam


Most of us don’t know Wali Muhammad of drama serial Sinf e Aahan. Komail Anam aka Wali Muhammad is the son of veteran showbiz actor Khalid Anam and Tehmina Khalid.

People started knowing him more after his role in Sinf e Aahan. In an interview with Sinf e Aahan, Komail shared many things about him including his work experience with Yumna Zaidi.

While sharing his journey to enter in acting field, he said:

I was not really interested in becoming an actor. But my mother is a drama lover. She would come home from work and watch all these drama and I would sit with her. That’s where I developed interest in the field.

Moreover, he said:

After college, I told my dad that I want to act. I went to give auditions and got rejected several times. It is a misconception that star kids have it easy.

While talking about the experience of working with Yumna in Sinf e Aahan, he shared:

Meeting Yumna Zaidi on the sets for the first time was good and I was star struck. And, she probably doesn’t know this. I was unable to say my first dialogue in front of her and I was sweating. I messed it up. Later on, it went well easily.

Moreover, he shared:

I told her that I’m nervous so she appreciated me that you are working well. She’s so kind and humble that she always appreciates others.

While sharing about the love and positive feedback he received after Sinf e Aahan:

I received positive feedback, immense love and support for which I was very grateful.

Kumail started his acting career with drama serial Chamak Damak. We also saw him in HUM Tv’s drama ‘Badnaseeb’. Now, he’s appearing on our screens as Wali Muhammad of Sinf e Aahan.

Watch the interview below:

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