Zara questions the treatment of pregnant women at workplaces


Zara Noor Abbas has raised an important concern by questioning how pregnant women are treated at workplaces.

She did a quick Q&A session with her fans on Instagram where the fans were invited to pour their responses.

Zara’s question was:

Quick question! Why are working women asked to take steps back when they announce a pregnancy in the corporate/work world and why are men never questioned for their credibility or their enthusiasm about work when they plan a family?

On this, a user replied:

Because women are belittled at every step of their life and they are not equal to men.

To this, Zara responded:

Women are not always belittled. But they are repeatedly questioned for their choices in life. Why is that question not the standard for men in the corporate world? And also, men and women are not equal. They have their own place and women have their own. Plus, women give birth to another human being. Men can’t do that.

Another used said:

Because men make money for the family and women during pregnancy would not be able to work.

Zara replied with an interesting fact:

Fun fact. Did you know Gal Gadot was five months pregnant when she was shooting for Wonder Woman? No, you didn’t.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!


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